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Under Ground, 2016

Tilburg, the Netherlands

"Under Ground - 60 tons of clay, a digger, a body, was part of the exhibition Luster – Clay in Sculpture Today, in park De Oude Warande in Tilburg, organized by Fundament Foundation and one can visit their site at Lustwarnde Platform for Contemporary Sculpture. The number of exhibitions on the use of clay and ceramics in contemporary art has been remarkable in recent years. Luster – Clay in Sculpture Today was in line with this renewed interest, but went further by challenging the artists to create new works for the public space of park De Oude Warande. Sixty tons of blue/gray, smooth Dutch river clay was delivered in the park straight from the bed of the river Waal. With a large shovel, the clay was laid on the slopes of a natural hollow on a beautiful location among the trees. With my new tool the digger I softened and prepared the thick layer of clay which I subsequently shaped with my body in the course of 4 days. The resulting land-art work remained in place during the 6 weeks of the exhibition."


Photographer Liedeke Kruk was commissioned by Lustwarande to follow the process of making. The film ‘Fortiter et Suaviter’ was made of the project by Jérémie Basset of Films du Lierre. Cofinanced by Stokroos foundation:

2. under ground, performance 15, photo L
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