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  • Featured artist in Ceramics Now Weekly #39.



  • Opus 12/dépaysements, Local Contemporain, edition de Le Laboratoire.


  • Delirious Lustwarande, Excursions in Contemporary Sculpture III, edited by Lustwarade, Platform for Contemporary Sculpture.


  • LER!/CLAY!, published by Museum Jorn, Denmark, on the occasion of the exhibition with the same name.

  • On the cover of: Craft, edited by Tanya Harrod, published by Whitechapel Gallery, London, England.

  • Traces et empreintes, by Joël Riff, Revue de la céramique et du verre, issue 220, May-June 2018.

  • Solace in Complexity, phd thesis by Albert Cath, University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht, the Netherlands.



  • Vitamin C – Clay and Ceramic in Contemporary Art, published by Phaidon Press.

  • Embodying The Landscape, article by Sebastian Blackie, in The Journal of Australian Ceramics, Vol 56 No 1.

  • Imaginations, Interiors, Surfaces, book edited by E.A. Hodson, published by the University of Aberdeen.

  • In the making: an anthropological study of how materials become works of art, phd thesis by Marc Higgin, University of Aberdeen, England.

  • “Vivre le Lieu”, une expérience. Trois années d’art contemporain dans le bourg d’Ozenay. France, by Marc de Roover.

  • On the cover of: The Ceramics Reader, edited by Andrew Livingstone and Kevin Petrie, published by Bloomsbury, London, England.



  • Moeder, fucking, aarde, review Metropolis M (22.10.2016) by Domeniek Ruyters, about Luster – Clay in sculpture today.

  • Wandelen langs de grenzen van keramiek, review in NRC Handelsblad (18.10.2016) by Lucette ter Borg, about Luster – Clay in sculpture today.

  • Sculpting a Large Container of Clay using Only Your Body, Masterclass 2015 on Cfile, online magazine on contemporary ceramics.



  • Alexandra Engelfriet, La acción del cuerpo en la metamorphosis del barro, article by Antonia Vivas in Revista Internacional CERÁMICA, n.ᵒ 139.

  • New Directions in Ceramics:From Spectacle to Trace, book by Jo Dahn, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, England.

  • Vuur, Aarde, Lucht en Water – The Ceramic Turn, by Sanneke Huisman, Metropolis M, NO 5 – Okt/Nov 2015.

  • Tranchée, Alexandra Engelfriet, article by anthropologist Marc Higgin in Cermamics Art and Perception, issue 99.



  • Alexandra Engelfriet Sculpts 20 tons of Clay, the project Tranchée on Cfile, online magazine on contemporary ceramics.



  • Dans la Meuse, les sculpteurs creusent leur sillon, review in the French quality newspaper Le Monde by Emmanuelle Lequeux about the project Tranchée, le Vent des Forêts, France.

  • Face à Face avec l’Argile, performance de Alexandra Engelfriet, article by Romain Barré in La Revue de la Céramique et du Verre, issue 192.



  • From Raw to Fired, article by Nesrin During in Ceramic Review 256.



  • “Lerets Magi-Keramik i international samtidskunst”, book about the exhibition in Museum Gammel Holtegaard, Copenhagen, Denmark. Preface by Edmund de Waal. Published by gl Holtegaard.

  • “Bløde svurp, hårde knald: leret kan det hele”, Mette Sandbye, Weekendavisen, review of the exhibition, Lerets Magi-Keramik i international samtidskunst”.

  • Psykologisk leireeksperiment: sporbart kun på film´ in Kunsthåndverk, Nr 4, 2011, Noorwegen, article about the project “Raw Material”.



  • Catalogue of the project “Marl Hole”, Stoke on Trent, England, published by Gustavsbergs Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden.



  • “Mud, mud, glorious mud”, Grant Gibson, Crafts Magazine, England, review of the “Marl Hole” project.

  •  “Marl Hole, Airspace Gallery”, Stacey Booth, Degrees Unedited, review of the “Marl Hole” project.



  • “Room with a view”, a book about the Bouwfonds Art collection.



  • “Beeldende kracht van klei”, Chris Reinewald, Financieel Dagblad, review of the exhibition at the Carla Koch Gallery.

  • “A choreography in clay”, Wouter Welling, Kunstbeeld, article.

  • Kerameiki techni, international ceramic art review.



  • “Slik in Finsterwolde”, Jan Abrahamse, Het Waddenbulletin, article.

  •  Kruisen, klei en visgeesten”, Edo Dijksterhuis, NRC Handelsblad, review of the exhibition “Ad Fontes!”.



  • “Dollard-Slik”, Nieuwsblad van het Noorden, review of “Silt in Finsterwolde”.

  •  Catalogue: Albert Waalkens, Benno Premselaprijs 2000.

  •  “Onroerend goed”, Karel Ankerman, Het Parool, review of the exhibition “Real Estate”.


  • “Gestolde Actie in het Siegerpark”, Het Parool, review of the project “Solidified Action”.

  • “Kunstproject in het Siegerpark”, Amsterdams Stadsblad, review of the project “Solidified Action”.



  • Catalogue of the “Month of the Arts Ameland 1998”, The Netherlands.

  • Henk Borst, Noord Hollands Dagblad, review of the project “Flowing Sand” in Zaandam, the Netherlands.

  • Els Roes, Nieuws van de dag, review of the exhibition at the Loerakker Gallery, Amsterdam.

  • Lucette ter Borg, NRC Handelsblad, review of the exhibition at the Loerakker Gallery, Amsterdam.


  • 1992

  • Catalogue of the exhibition “Brain Internal Affairs” in the Beatrix Hospital in Gorinchem, The Netherlands.

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