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Into It, by Anne Wallemacq
Master Class "Materiality - Body as tool - Local Heritage as Matter" with Alexandra Engelfriet, 2014 September 15-19, Bornholm (Denmark)


New Directions in Ceramics:

From Spectacle to Trace

by Jo Dahn

Tranchée, article by anthropologist Marc Higgin in Cermamics Art and Perception, issue 99, 2015

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Face à Face avec l'Argile, performance d'Alexandra Engelfriet

by Romain Barre

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Embodying The Landscape

by Sebastian Blackie 

Article by Karen K. Harsbo in the catalogue of the exhibition Keramiske Veje 30 År, in museum Sophienholm, Denmark

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La revue de la céramique et du verre, by Nesrin During 

"Marl Hole, Airspace Gallery", by, Stacey Booth, Degrees Unedited, review of the "Marl Hole" projects.

Dans la Meuse, les sculpteurs creusent leur sillon by Emmanuelle Lequeux

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Material values from the Play Pit

by Grant Gibson

Lifting the fortunes of the ceramics industry by Emma Crichton-Miller