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In the Raw, by Jennifer Sorkin, about the project 'Intertwining', 2022, at the Center for ceramic art, Ringebu, Norway.

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Into It, by Anne Wallemacq
Master Class "Materiality - Body as tool - Local Heritage as Matter" with Alexandra Engelfriet, 2014 September 15-19, Bornholm (Denmark)


New Directions in Ceramics:

From Spectacle to Trace

by Jo Dahn

Tranchée, article by anthropologist Marc Higgin in Cermamics Art and Perception, issue 99, 2015

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Face à Face avec l'Argile, performance d'Alexandra Engelfriet

by Romain Barre

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Embodying The Landscape

by Sebastian Blackie 

Article by Karen K. Harsbo in the catalogue of the exhibition Keramiske Veje 30 År, in museum Sophienholm, Denmark

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La revue de la céramique et du verre, by Nesrin During 

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"Marl Hole, Airspace Gallery", by, Stacey Booth, Degrees Unedited, review of the "Marl Hole" projects.

Dans la Meuse, les sculpteurs creusent leur sillon by Emmanuelle Lequeux

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Material values from the Play Pit

by Grant Gibson

Lifting the fortunes of the ceramics industry by Emma Crichton-Miller

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