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Mixed Blood, 2017 

Star, NC, USA

"North Carolina is famous for its amazing clays. 20 tons of rough kaolin clay were dropped down a slope just outside the clay factory at STARworks. After shaping it, the white clay was flooded with red Okeewemee clay slip from the next village. A large kiln was then built around the sculpture, which was fired for 3 days and nights.

During the firing the difference of temperature throughout the kiln brought many colours out of the red slip. All the different shades human skin can have, are included in the textured surfaces of the fired work. The building of the kiln around the work, and the firing, were a huge effort. Many people participated. Many thanks to: David Freeman, Andres Allik, David Stuempfle, Kathy Irwin, Hamish Jackson, Stillman Browning-Howe, Kyle, John, Eddy of Wet Dog Glass and his friends, who brought and smashed up loads of pallets for firing wood, the people of STARworks and many others who gave a hand with the firing and the opening of the kiln. An award of the Lighton International Artist Exchange Program has made this project possible."

Photos: Kathy Irwin.

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