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Rite de passage, 2022

Studio project, France

"Alexandra Engelfriet is a Dutch artist/performer who works with clay and wool, sculpting pieces that evoke the elements and our connection to the natural world. Observing her I felt at times, she was drawing from within herself coils of emotion as she made her piece folding, pummeling, swirling, tearing and molding clay soaked wool. Alexandra's gestures are dance-like, intense, forceful but also light and gentle.


I shadowed Alexandra's movements framing and photographing her creative process. We moved in silence completely absorbed in the making of the piece. Improvisation is key to Alexandra's process. And her concentration is trance-like.


A shell made of dips and mounds was gradually covered by a skin of wool soaked in red clay and then sprinkled with pigment. The piece is called 'Rite de passage'. I photographed Alexandra over three days in Jan/Feb 2022."

Alison Harris


Photos: Alison Harris. With support of the Mondriaan Fund.

Untitled 02, photo Alison Harris
photo Alison HarrisIMG_2028.jpg
Untitled 03, photo Alison Harris
Untitled 13, photo Alison Harris
Untitled 05, photo Alison Harris
Untitled 06, photo Alexandra Engelfriet
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